The focus of advanced equipment is to produce high quality products

Sunmax's advanced equipment is focused on the target of top quality products. We have gained plenty of accumulative experience over the last 3 decades. Our quality is excellent and stable which other manufacturers cannot surpass, because we have outstanding staff, raw materials compounding, machinery and testing equipments. In the meantime, we have obtained over 12 patents regarding technologies of glove production. We hold ISO 9001/ISO 13485 certification issued by TUV and are registered with the FDA.

New plant for the future.

Customer demand continues to increase at Sunmax. Reacting to increased customer demand worldwide, Sunmax following completion of the Shanghai plant, in 2008, in Haiphong Vietnam constructed two plants. In order to cultivate growth, our PVC glove factory has a total area of 67,000 square meters, utilizing many new technologies and knowledge acquired over the years, incorporating efficiency boosting new equipment. ⦆Not only increasing capacity, but also using local labor and experienced management to ensure stable and improved quality.

Environmental conservation and recycling equipment.

Our PE factory hosts the production of PE products, incorporates recycling equipment that does not emit any wasteful materials and has established a highly efficient production system. Not only does this benefit Sunmax, but also shows concern for the environment and contributes globally.

Daily production system.

The Vietnam plant uses the latest automated machinery, has a perfect mass production system and located near to ports as well as airports, everyday exports various products quickly to many countries in the world.