With more than 40 years of glove manufacturing experience, Sunmax Group is one of the best-quality glove manufacturers in the world. Earning a reputation for technical independence and integrity, our product range covers gloves for medical examination, industrial use, clean room use, food processing, and other applications. Besides continuing history and tradition, we make continuous innovations. With powerful R&D capabilities, we make continual improvements to current products to benefit customers and to develop new gloves. We wholeheartedly hope to continue to dedicate ourselves to glove manufacturing. We are also grateful to customers for their comments, suggestions, and long-term support. Again, please accept our gratitude .

Sunmax group, an international gloves producer focused on technology.

In the new century, every industry is going to become more aware of technology and innovation. The gloves business is not only moving toward diversity, but also adopting higher standards and maintaining better product quality. Sunmax Group from the initial stage of research and development only used the latest technology, to produce every sort of glove. Our plants located in Shanghai and Vietnam provide high quality and reasonably priced products to customers worldwide. We are not only a leading gloves manufacturer, but enjoy a good reputation and high performance.

Sunmax group, step forward on a worldwide stage.

Sunmax established in 1995, was initially a manufacturer of vinyl gloves. After years of market research and product development, our product range has been expanded to include Nitrile, PE, Cleanroom, PP, and Latex gloves. Apart from product diversity, we are dedicated to high product quality and compliance with global standards. We are considered a reliable company by our customers in China, Europe, Australia, Japan, America, and other countries worldwide. Besides the gloves business, we also invested in driving schools, hospital, and an agricultural/ horticultural company which markets various types of trees such as Himalayan Cedar, Ginkgo and Bonsai.

With the convenience of overseas bases.

Sunmax located in Taiwan, China (Shanghai), and Vietnam(Hai Phong), where there is very convenient access to overseas countries. Most have direct access to the United States, Japan, Australia, and European countries, etc. Frequent communication with customers, builds a strong relationship of trust, Also, by exchanging new intelligence with customers, research and development, it will be a benefit to the sale of new products.

Professional result combining efforts with excellent technique.

Sunmax has obtained 12 patents regarding technologies of gloves production since it was built. This achievement is rarely seen in the field. Afterwards, we will make our efforts to pursuit the best quality and meet the requirements of customers.

Sunmax Group Patents.